Things to do 2019

define "some words"

explain CONFIRM idea - write BASIC then send CONFIRM then send BASIC (something like that...)

Explain that private tape may be needed - sending again doesn't erase previous sending, all you get is headrush of same time voices (can't distinguish wording from them)

write BASIC method AND work on overall OUTLINE

a voice said BASIC was Easiest - Write EZ - the site is called EZ - just try to write the intro in easiest. Write OUTLINE w/ BASIC up front, then all advanced after a working basic method to get you rolling. Expand headings for BASIC method (add more sub-entries.)

explain OPENING and the moves I've only demoed - you all will use opening by playing signal (during and after signal - try to talk or do some moves to reinforce open state/mode - maybe to sustain open state after you cut primer/starter signal - can you go straight into talking without signal, then sending without using signal?

making signal after learning w/ energy (opening & emotion) - write about EMOTION

12242018 "Training Program!" instead of dumping you in the deep end - break (even BASIC) your learning down into steps. LIKE: first day! just try to hear the signal (I suggest strong energy - SOME PEOPLE may have SAD - amped in a crowd - I suggest energy, amped by a few operators stroking.) First day: just feel it while being recorded, shut off signal and keep stroking! FOR EXAMPLE. (Devs? let me finish some of what I am writing now, then do that - but you are free? to go ahead!) How free are you if you're in the Army etc.? (Joke.)

only writing INTRO not BASIC - they will have to rewrite and like timing, do some experiments - INTRO (hopefully) is to get you off the ground from zero, INTRO like BASIC should be easy (a voice told me BASIC was easy - see training program bit - can we easily walk you into INTRO or BASIC for that matter that gives you function - JUST NOW, can we use already prepared loud signal to learn and hopefully work with?

"WEATHER" a voice on Marines videos said - the first thing you are going to try is Lotto - also though try to get the hurricanes (US Armed Forces) DON'T judge your success on Lotto only. HERE let me pitch an hour (OR one session - maybe only 15 or 20 minutes, NOT continuous) per sending operator per weekend for things like medicine if you choose to.

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