Note to Marine Corps:

The following is my NOTES of my writing over about the past 15 years about an empathic or telepathic method that can possibly be used to predict future events. It can still be used retroactively during the PAST wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I tell you now because the method relies on "sending" information from the future back into the past. This effectively predicts the future from the then current day FOR THE RECEIVER/VIEWER IN THE PAST. It should still be possible to set up a program of information gathering for our armies during those wars. Some things that could be predicted include the time and place of roadside bombings or bombings in general, sniper attacks, the place time and strength of enemy actions, perhaps some locations of target people and say weapons caches, etc. Please read it as NOTES ONLY. It would be your responsibility to develop the program yourselves having perhaps heard about what was going on in entertainment and music currently. You can talk to me and/or my family about some of this. Please read the outline on this page and some of the notes to see what I am up to. With what you may know... what you can do with your information and these notes. Thank you. Paul M.

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*** Telepathy NOW ***

"Sending" - Outline - (Walk-thru)

  1. Introduction
    1. From zero
    2. Honesty with yourself and your team
    3. Don't be too critical or easy
    4. Confidence, rewards and self-talk
    5. Relaxing vs. bearing down
      1. easy does it, relax
      2. learn to relax: meditation like exercises
    6. "smooth"/"steady"
    7. Approaches to telepathy and psychic activity
      1. Infinite field
      2. Personal power or battery idea
  2. People
    1. Partners
    2. More people (group)
    3. One? (use equipment)
  3. Equipment
    1. Video cam
    2. Microphones/headsets
    3. Multi-track sound recorder
    4. Looping/editing program
    5. digital delay (multi time spread)
    6. Video editor/program
    7. Biofeedback (tone)
  4. Found flow/energy/signal
    1. ice-cube vs. cigarette approaching your forearm (not your back or neck, you don't have to burn yourself just hold it close until your head starts to "glow," then LET IT.) Let it move up your arm to your head. Let it go, let it happen - record that. I need this cigarette bit rewritten so that people don't go ahead burning themselves or each other. Save your skin and your nerves!
    2. Music w/ signal that has a passage that makes your head tingle. It should feel like pleasant static electricity. It should make your head tingle and move lightly down your spine. It should feel amplified when you stroke the back of your head and neck.
    3. We may be able to cheat a little here... record somone stroking the back of their head and neck on mic and camera. We plan to send it in later.
  5. Receiving
    1. Feeling Energy
    2. Raise hand
    3. Listening
  6. "cat's cradle"
    1. Starter signal
      1. Dropping to amp
      2. MAYBE amp and smooth signal (second time) inside
        1. Record receiver stroking
        2. Keep going
        3. OR use software to smooth it out (looped)
      3. MULITRACK/DELAY to keep signal strong (work with WORKING STARTER)
  7. First message
    1. Binary
    2. Clever "strong first" idea
    3. Error checking vs. correction
    4. Make message tapes/recordings. Video of your receiver sitting quietly relaxed for half-minute or so "binary" (Morse or base) tapes. They are NOT to stroke while recordings are made. They are to wait for a light tingle to their head. When they think they were signaled they should raise their hand.
  8. Usual messages
    1. Base 4 or 6!
    2. Raise hand
    3. Waiting vs. back-to-back
    4. 10 - 15 seconds (out of 30? lower the time to 10 - 15)
  9. Stroking & peaking
    1. Charging (relax, accept it)
    2. Aura
    3. *Omni-directional
    4. Peak as high as you can
    5. Peak then squash it
    6. Peak then don't squash it/KEEP GOING
      1. Loop signal full-on
      2. Relax
      3. Go as long as you can
      4. Relax again...
    7. Waving (not always peaked - "surf it")
    8. Endurance
    9. *This may lead to working with signal full-on (& back-to-back)
  10. Full-on relaying
    1. Charge by stroking the back of your head and neck while listening to strong working starter signal (looping, full-on) through an earbud.
    2. See the target on screen and audio in front of you.
    3. "touch" the target's head
    4. "push" some of the energy smoothly but quickly to the head of the target/receiver (only to make CONTACT, only to make the connection.)
    5. Relax and let it flow (let the energy flow along the path that you have made.)
    6. Let go of the energy (change the subject of your mental focus.)
    7. Let it keep going. Let it flow through you. (A little way down! It may seem to discharge BUT signal is still running. RELAX and let it go.)
    8. Hold it right there for a few seconds (count to three.)
    9. Keep stroking and move on to the next clip while signal keeps running...
  11. Opening (after signal)
    1. To make raw signal.
    2. aura manipulation to learn opening
    3. self
    4. shapes/actions (for example, stirring)
    5. target
    6. tandem
    7. TALKING while open
      1. talking to sustain open state or sending mode
  12. Amping (louder)
    1. Dropping
      1. as an amping method (starter signal)
      2. for endurance/duration
    2. Two-times (relax)
      1. as an amping method
      2. *eventually to move into sending mode one time
  13. advanced and exercises
    1. the Rut (mix it up)
    2. a FEW exercises
    3. swapping
*these are just here temporarily, going to merge them with above, right now they are just words that go here.

Basic Move(s)

  1. strong signal looping (full-on,) receiver on video and sound
  2. stroke and keep stroking as needed (surf it)
  3. "touch" the target's head
  4. push it away from your head and into theirs
  5. relax and let it flow over to their head
    1. relax but keep contact
    2. change focus and let it go (let go of it?)
    3. receiver should raise hand
    4. freeze, hold it right there (let it flow, hold mentally still)
  6. count to three
  7. advance to next clip

This is an example of the basic move broken into small steps. It may be up to you to find the order and NEED for any other steps to be added or taken away.

You may need to make strong working starter to do this more effectively.

You want to preserve your strong starter so work with signal you have made from good starter. A digital delay or multi-track may help by both allowing amping and keeping signal strong.

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